I Love You
J. Moore

The song, "I Love You" was birthed in the year 2012 during Hurricane Isaac while living in Baton Rouge Louisiana. The hurricane shook the very foundation of the city.... it rained for  days and I had to leave behind everything. I moved to a brand new city; Houston, TX, with two bags and 3 pairs of shoes. While in Houston, I lived in a homeless shelter for 10 months, slept in abandoned house for 6 days and slept on the street for one day. "I Love You" is my song of praise to God for keeping my mind. God truly keep me and provided everything I needed and to this very day I'm thankful to him.

So Glad To Be Here
J. Moore

"So Glad To Be Here" is truly my testimony. This song was birthed in September 2007, during a time when doctors only gave me a 20% chance to live. The nurse that took care of me said I should have been dead. I was in a comma for 3 days and lost a tremendous amount of weight. But thanks be to our Mighty God, I walked out of the hospital with a clean bill of health.

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